Over the years, Nina has become known for designing spaces that inspire wonder, drawing the eye from one to another, inside and outside, night or day. 

Her recognizable calling card? Serene palettes, diverse textures, and elegant blends of stone, wood, and other natural materials.

large scale construction

Renovations & Custom New Builds

At Custom Home Design by Nina Lichtenstein, we work closely with clients to identify and fulfill their goals. We advocate for them at all stages of design and construction. We closely monitor the day-to-day complexities of construction and product installation to ensure timely progress. From site visits to vendor selection, our full-service design firm allows clients to relax and enjoy the experience from conception to completion.

Homes of Heart & Hospitality

full scope furnishings & styling

Over the years, Nina has become well known for her ability to design spaces that inspire as much as they enhance family living. Drawing from the serene beauty of the natural world, our firm builds cozy havens for enjoying family and friends. From layering natural textures to thoughtful space planning, we believe that great design creates opportunities for people of all ages to relax and celebrate life together.

‘Unbelievable’ is the word that best describes the way Nina has completely transformed our entire home, unlocking & fulfilling a level of potential I never thought possible. Every area of the home evokes interest and feelings of wonder, comfort, and an intrinsic enjoyment that is almost indescribable. Nina’s designs have made it a true pleasure to live here, and it’s one that we look forward to enjoying throughout my family's lives.

David, The Nested RetreaT

Homeowner, Thornwood, NY